Plea for help: Can you translate this letter to English from latin?

This letter was written by George Grey Butler (son of the famous social reformer Josephine Butler) to Ernest Aves in 1889. For a time he lived in Toynbee Hall, the famous University settlement in East London. I would be grateful if you can either translate this letter or given me some idea what it might say. I will, of course, acknowledge any assistance. NB: I translated this from the original and have no familiarity with Latin so it might contain some/ a lot of mistakes- oops.

4th June 1889

Cari et rari Aves

Magnam voluptatem habebo istis tabulis quarum mentionem fecistis in otnan dam Toynbeiam Aulam conficiendis negativis, jam in manus cuiusdam sollertis photographi depositis, non longo intervallo amplioris magnitadims (magnitudis) positwas (positis) gigment, quas in vestras manus tansmittere properabo.

Oro ut caninoe haic ephistoloe verniam

George Grey Butler

Many thanks to Greg Jenner, Tim Whitmarsh and Llewellyn Morgan for helping me disentangle this letter, which apparently is about Butler developing some negatives for Aves .


One thought on “Plea for help: Can you translate this letter to English from latin?

  1. Hi Lucie
    Looks like a kind of piglatin — is it transcribed from handwriting? Just have time to suggest that the opening Cari et rari Aves (dear and rare Aves) is a pun on Juvenal’s Satires, in which he famously says of someone exceptional that they are Rara avis in terris nigroque simillima cycno (a bird as rare on this earth as a black swan’

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