New Article: Blogging the Victorians

Journal of Victorian Culture (JVC) Online was established in 2009 as an interactive companion to the Journal of Victorian Culture (JVC). It is an innovative departure from static academic journal websites. My article considers how blogging complements traditional publishing. It argues that multi-authored sites, like JVC Online, offer scholars the chance to disseminate their research projects earlier and to a large body of Victorianists (academics, professions and the general public) when published. At JVC Online we are committed to encouraging new dialogues around scholarship through the interactive elements of the site and our social media. Within an emerging hybrid open-access landscape, JVC Online offers scholars the chance to share their published research at key moments. My article  reflects on our digital practices to argue that we need to think more about how we encourage all Victorian scholars to become contributors and collaborators with the site. It builds on my experience of working on the site since 2011.

This article is currently free access and can be download  here. It is apart of a ‘Digital Forum’ on ‘The Future of Academic Publishing’ and include contributions from Helen Rogers and Jim Mussell.


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